Cooking Class from Fes

Cooking Class from Fes

Cooking Class Overview

Check our Fes cooking class and learn Morocccan cuisine secrets. We shall pick you up from your Riad or Hotel and then the cooking class begins with a tour around Fes local souk to buy ingredients then head to meet your chef and start cooking.

Cooking Class Inclusions :

Tour of the local souk.

Cooking Class informations :

Pick up3 pm
Drop off6 pm
Duration3 hours

Cooking Class Itinerary :

Here we shall purchase all the ingredients that we shall be using later to produce our traditional Moroccan meal during the fun for all cooking class. The butchers will have all the fresh beef, chicken and lamb you need, the vegetable stalls quality local produce at unbelievably low prices, fruit stalls a riot of color and flavours and the spice shops, piled with aromatic herbs and spices used to produce delicious sauces, rare yellow saffron, red hot paprika, fragrant yellow cumin, orange/ brown ginger, the sunshine bright hue of the turmeric, the black of the pepper grounds, brownish sticks or powdered cinnamon and white Moroccan salt, all in all a sensation overload!

Shopping completed, your guide will escort you to the traditional Moroccan kitchen, where you will be introduced to the Moroccan Chefs who'll be teaching you how to prepare typical Moroccan dishes such as tasty tajines, the essential couscous and varied Moroccan salads, different to those found elsewhere such as the slightly spicy Zaalouk. When everything is ready, you'll share a wonderful meal of the dishes you have prepared and relax after a busy morning.

The Traditional Cooking Class with Fes Authentic Tours is the ideal way to experience in person the joys of shopping for locally produced ingredients and preparing and cooking delicious traditional dishes. Don't worry if you're not a great cook, the course is fun for all, male or female, young or mature, experienced or just a beginner, everyone is guaranteed to have fun on this excursion!

We will, of course, drop you off back at your hotel or riad at the end of the tour.

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