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MOROCCO - Diversity and Hospitality

MOROCCO - Diversity and Hospitality

Morocco is known as The Gateway to Africa and is a country rich in diversity, from the mighty mountain ranges of The Atlas to the Sahara Desert, from Atlantic and Mediterranean beaches to wonderful cities rich in history and full of the warmest hospitality.

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Morocco is a dizzying and delightful mix of cultures, ancient traditions, religions and modernity. It is an extraordinary sensory overload of tasty tagines and hot mint tea, towering minarets from which the faithful are called to prayer and tranquil date plantations, aromatic spice stands in labyrinthine centuries old medinas and country side from massive mountains to duty deserts and fragrant cypress forests.

Morocco is a free, tolerant and friendly country where the biggest tourist pull is probably the red city of Marrakech, a bustling, atmospheric and impressive city that Winston Churchill said of, "simply the nicest place on Earth to spend an afternoon" and, "The Paris of the Sahara." Many visitors feel much the same today.

Every one of the other cities has a special unique character, fantastic Fes medina is the largest pedestrianized urban area in the world and it's busy souks lure traveler sin to it's labyrinthine, high sided alleyways and plethora of gorgeous, traditional houses constructed around a central courtyard (riads and dhars).

In the north, Tangier has been the Gateway to Africa for Europeans for hundreds of years and remains so today, noted for its beaches of golden sand, its white washed houses and flowering modern cultural life. Heading on down the coastline are the modern capital Rabat, the huge modern metropolis of Casablanca, made famous in the movie of the same name, the sea-activities centre of Essaouira and the lively, fun-filled beach resort of Agadir much beloved by sun worshippers and surfers.

The combination of ancient Arab and modern colonial style architecture that is prevalent in Morocco's cities ensures that they are excellent places to visit, many of them are UNESCO World Heritage Site listed and are full of cultural interest. Sightseeing is not the only attraction, many will also enjoy the famous delicious Moroccan cuisine, haggling for carpets and souvenirs in the myriad of markets or a traditional hammam (public bath). But Fes Authentic Tours can offer you so much more than this.

Outside the city walls, dazzling vistas a wait you. The mighty Atlas Mountains cut Morocco in two from the North-East to the South-West, peaking at Mount Toubkal, the high est mountain in North Africa, and are home to the breathtaking Todra and Dades Gorges Then there is clear, fresh air of the palmeries of Tinehir. And the Southern Berber settlements of Merzouga, famous for Sahara Desert camel treks and nights in desert tents Morocco is a multi-layered country, a blend of shared history with Sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East and the European colonial powers. Its unique national identity and pride is a mix of Arab and Berber, but young, fresh and progressive at the same time.

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